Chippewa River Lodge Hosts "Music on G"

One of the great things about our lodge is that the slope down to the river in the back yard creates a sort of natural ampitheater. As you'll see, there are two "stages" (wooden platforms to augment the natural beauty of the northwoods) near the edge of the river at the bottom of the yard. These were constructed for various music festivals we've hosted over the years.

One such festival was dubbed "Music on G" (as in County Highway G). Beginning in 2009, our family and the family business began the tradition of bringing talent from the Twin Cities and Hayward areas to perform for a day-long festival. We sold food, beverages and beer, and all proceeds were donated to the local Fire/EMS Department.

Unfortunately both dates in 2009 and 2010 were rained out. Turns out June is the rainiest month of the year in this part of the country. So this year we pushed it back a couple months and tried August. We set up on the deck instead of the stages, which ended up being a blessing when the rain clouds came rolling in and dumped a deluge of water on us after only two songs.

Music on G at the Chippewa River Lodge
Roe Pressley, Mark Lendway, Adam Grobe, just before the rain set in

Fortunately we were able to move all the instruments inside before any real damage could be wreaked upon them. We regrouped, had a couple drinks and some food, and eventually set up again at the inside stage in the gameroom.

Family and friends relaxing at the bar

And of course, like any weekend at the lodge, we always set aside time for family fun...

Chris and daughter Charleigh hauling wood to the fire pitCharleigh and Owen pet Bogie

The lodge is great for musical families, whether you're going to try doing something outside or in. There is a hub of high-capacity power outlets just at the edge of the tree line to the left of the left stage (if you're looking toward the river). This should be able to accommodate all your amps, speakers and lights. We are zoned as a commercial property, so as long as you're not insanely loud there shouldn't be any problem with authorities, though it doesn't hurt to let the neighbors know ahead of time! Please wrap up any outdoor music by 10 pm (with the exception of acoustic/unplugged music, which is great to enjoy by the fireside).