Lodge & Hayward Area Activities

Whether you are an avid fisherman, a budding golf enthusiast, a seasoned hunter or rugged kayak adventurer, the lodge and surrounding area offers a plethora of activities for just about everyone.

Fishing the Chippewa River

The Chippewa River and Lake Chippewa Flowage boasts some of the best fishing in the area, including small and large mouth bass, walleye, northern pike, sunfish, bluegill, and record muskies, which are known to hang out around the Winter Dam just upstream. The area is widely known for its world record fishing like Louie Spray's 3 world record muskies and Brad Bohen's fly fishing musky record. Grab your gear and start tossing a few lines, who knows, you could be the next record holder.

Fishing licenses are available at many locations, including the Grab-n-Go just 5 miles up the road in Winter.

Canoeing, Kayaking, and More Water Sports

But don't think fishing is the only thing to do. Hop in one of our kayaks and float down to the Ojibwa Township Park (about 30 - 40 minutes), or bring the kayaks and canoe up the road to the Wannigan and float down to the lodge for a longer trip (about 1.5 - 2 hours). Pack some sandwiches and stop at one of the many islands to enjoy your lunch!

Chippewa River Adeventures - Kayaking and Canoeing

Our Lodge is located on the beautiful, history-rich Chippewa River, which you can spend hours staring at from the comfort of bedrooms, the dining room, the large deck, or from the banks themselves. But to really get to know the 'Chip,' you have to get on it or in it. For this, grab one of our six kayaks or the canoe. The river is very calm and peaceful. Rapids are few and very small most of the year. Helmets and sprayskirts are not needed but life jackets are required by law. 

There are essentially three different trips you can take down the river:

  • From the Lodge to the Park - Duration: 30-40 minutes.)

    Hop in at the Lodge and drift downstream to the Ojibwa Park at the corner of G and Highway 70. Make sure to leave a truck at the park ahead of time so you can get back!

  • From the Wannigan to the Lodge - Duration: about 1.5 - 2 hours.

    Haul the boats up to the Wannigan and set in there, drifting casually or paddling fiercely back to the Lodge. Pack a lunch and stop at any number of islands along the way. Don't forget your sunscreen!

  • From the Dam to the Lodge - Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 hours. Note: portaging is necessary, so travel light!

    Throw the boats in the truck and make your way to the Dam. Hang a left by the Wannigan and keep going 5 - 10 minutes. You'll know the boat launch when you see it. Set in, paddle around the Dam, make your way up the hill (careful, waves can slam the boats into the rocks pretty hard as you're getting out), and set back in at the bottom. It's a bit of work, but totally worth it for the length and beauty of the ride!

For those craving more intense water sports, Lake Chippewa Flowage is just 10 minutes up the road (hang a left by the Wannigan and follow to the boat launch). Great for fishing, jet skiing, tubing, wake boarding, pontooning and more. If it involves water, this is the place to go! Looking for something a little more specialized? The Flowage is huge and connects with many other area lakes, spanning 15,000 acres with 233 miles of shoreline. Make sure to bring a GPS device -- those without experience on the Flowage (and some with) can easily get lost.

Riding the Tuscobia Trail - ATV and Snowmobiling

Just across Highway 70 from the lodge is the famous Tuscobia State Trail, the longest ATV, UTV and snowmobile trail in the state. This abandoned railroad grade stretches 74 miles, from Rice Lake to Park Falls. It's also used in certain areas for hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking, fishing and canoeing.

Explore the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

For those looking for a truly nature-driven experience, check out the nearby Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. With limitless opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and more, this is sure to fulfill even the most hardcore nature lover's needs.

Hayward Area Golf Courses

The many golf courses in the Hayward area offer every golfer a challenge, no matter the skill level. Many of these golf courses are some of the best you will find in the state of Wisconsin and even nationally.

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